This is a particularly spectacular edition of over 170pp., illustrated throughout, P.B. 2017. The articles: A RECENTLY DISCOVERED 16th CENTURY IRISH OPEN RING POMMEL SWORD (10 pages) by Andy Halpin and Tony Willis, ENGLISH SWORDS, c.1600-c.1660, ASPECTS OF DESIGN, ORNAMENT AND MANUFACTURE by Leslie Southwick(68 pages!), A NEWLY DISCOVERED ENGLISH SNAPHAUNCE by Brian Godwin (8 pages), DOLEPS FOR THE MEDICI: A NEW STUDY OF A GROUP OF FIREARMS BY ANDREW DOLEP, TRADITIONALLY A BRITISH ROYAL GIFT TO COSIMO III, GRAND DUKE OF TUSCANY by Graeme Rimer (29 PAGES), “PORTRAIT OF A NOBLEMAN” AND HIS DISTINCTIVE ENGLISH SWEPT-HILT RAPIER by Leslie Southwick (26 pages), GEORGE EDWARD DOLEP AND A PAIR OF HIS PISTOLS by David Weaver and Brian Godwin (11 pages). Sorry the price has gone up but I am afraid this reflects the cost of setting and printing a limited print run of copies. It is however well worth it considering the quality and volume of scholarship.